Episode 13 – The Mummy Evolution Tank

Mummy Evolution Tank posterLISTEN HERE

Hi boys and girls! Are you ready for today’s SECRET WORD? You all know what do whenever you hear the secret word right? THAT’S RIGHT! SCREAM REAL LOUD!

Ok, well, no. I mean yea, scream, but also watch movies.  (Leave me alone, I miss Pee Wee)

We chose a random word from the dictionary (remember those?) and picked movies based on that word. This month’s secret word:


Our movie picks were The Mummy (1999), Tank Girl (1995), and Evolution (2001).

*NOTE FROM JILLIAN: We had a recording issue towards the beginning of the episode, so bear with us for a few minutes as there’s some skipping and jumping in the audio, then everything sounds fine. Sorry!



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