Episode 7 – Monkey Crimes and Leopold

Ep 7 Monkey Crimes and Leopold

Happy Belated Back to the Future Day! We are celebrating Back to the Future’s 30th anniversary and the date that used to be the distant future but is now the past. As you all have an existential crisis over that fact, we are talking about 3 less talked about time travel movies this month.  These are 3 really great films that take a different look at time travel.  We also get into a bit of a debate about how Back to the Future actually disproves itself and breaks it’s own time travel rules.  Prepare yourself for some deep nerd territory as we take on:

Kate and Leopold, Twelve Monkeys, and Timecrimes

What are your favorite time travel movies? What do you think the correct time travel theory is, if it ever does get discovered? Let us know, I’m kind of obsessed with the topic!


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