Episode 4 – The Usual Punch Drunk Casablanca


This month we took a break from strict themes and chose movies we thought each other would like.

This month: What do you mean you haven’t seen _____ !!!

Punch Drunk Love, Casablanca, and The Usual Suspects.

We get deep into conversation about these movies, plain and simple.


The Usual Suspects has a freaking awesome ending. If you haven’t seen it and it hasn’t already been spoiled for you, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch the movie before you listen to this podcast. You’ll be glad you did. If not, don’t blame us, we warned you!

*Note: Not all of us had access to our normal recording equipment this month so the audio may not be the best. We apologize, but it’s still enjoyable. So enjoy. 🙂

Running Time: 1:23:50


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