Episode 2: Top Rain Graduate

Top Rain Graduate Poster

This month’s episode will take you right into the Danger Zone! It will reunite you with your old friend darkness.  And it will (insert clever pun about Hans Zimmer’s awesome Rain Man theme). That’s right! We’re tackling Top Gun, Rain Man, and The Graduate as we discuss:

THIS MONTH’S THEME: Movie Quotes: How they affect how you watch movies

We each chose a movie that we’ve never seen but have always heard a famous quote from.  We then watched the movies and discussed how hearing those quotes changed or affected what we knew (or thought we knew) about the movies.  Also, all these movies rule, so we just had a ton of fun talking about them.

So put on your helmets, have an existential crisis, and don’t forget your underwear, as we delve into episode 2!  Leave a comment telling us about a time you heard a quote from a movie that affected how you watched a movie.


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