Episode 1 – Raggedy Garden Ninjas

RaggedyGardenNinjas Poster

Hello and welcome to the very first episode of Triple Feature Podcast.  We are thrilled to bring this new show to you and we hope you enjoy it!  It’s got surfing ninjas, it’s got crippled children, it’s got tripped out toy camels.  What more could you ask for, really?

THIS WEEK’S THEME: Childhood Favorites: Do they hold up?

We each chose one of our favorite childhood movies that we have not seen in a very long time and re-watched them to see if they hold up to the test of time and adulthood. Featured in this episode are Jillian’s pick: The Secret Garden, Pedro’s Pick: Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure, and Stephen’s pick: Surf Ninjas.  If you’re thinking those movies couldn’t have less in common with each other, well, you’d be right.  We dove right in and got down to the core of these movies and explored what these movies said about us as children and adults. We also discussed how much what you watch as a child affects who you become when you are older.

(Note: This episode is just about 2 hours long.  We were aiming for an hour and we will be sticking to an hour for every episode after this one.  It’s long but still a fun time. That’s what she- nevermind.)

I hope you enjoy this episode of Triple Feature Podcast and leave a comment telling us what one of your favorite childhood movies was and whether it stands up to the test of time. And remember “Money can’t buy knives.”


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